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Sun protection obligatory on Bordeaux beaches

Sunscreen, sunglasses & sunhat a must in summer 2018

Featured in: | Ana Hernández, Bordeaux Editor | Published
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Worried about the number of tourists walking the beaches of Bordeaux looking like lobsters, the local authorities have decided to enforce the use of sunscreen, sunglasses and sunhats this summer.

Special policemen will patrol the local beaches spotting unprotected sunbathers. All those not sporting a sunhat and sunglasses, or anyone who cannot produce sunscreen when asked, will receive a warning and then a fine of 50€ if the offense isn't mended. For the oblivious tourists, vending machines selling sun protection gear will be installed in the most popular beaches. 

The public is more and more aware of the risks of basking in the sun without the proper protection, especially after celebrities like Hugh Jackman, Diane Keaton and Brooke Shields have spoken about how they underwent treatment for skin cancer. However, this is clearly not enough as more than half of all holidaymakers admit to being burnt when going abroad on holidays

This new rule will be only introduced in a few beaches around Bordeaux this summer to test it, hoping to extend it to all of the local beaches in a couple of years. Click here to see which ones will be affected in 2018.