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Bazas Beef

Meat from cattle that have been born, reared & fattened in the Gironde

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Bazas Beef, or 'Boeuf de Bazas' in French is the label given to beef that has been raised under strict guidelines within the region. Three types of cows are allowed: Bazadaise, Limousine, and Blonde d’Aquitaine.

The cattle are free range, and pasture fed with grass and grains. They are slaughtered at a minimum age of 3 years, which allows for tender, savoury cuts.

There are 280 small farms raising Bazas-grade beef, but you won’t find it in the supermarkets. Thirteen butchers have been approved for ageing and selling the meet -- you’ll see the sticker on the butcher’s door if he’s received approval.

A popular dish in the region Bazas beef can be served grilled, roasted, or in a stew or casserole, and naturally accompanied by a glass of Bordeaux red wine.

The traditional oxen festival takes place in Bazas annually on the Thursday before Shrove Tuesday, with a parade of Bazadais oxen decorated with wreaths. There is a competition for the best specimens!


Map of the surrounding area