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Best Family Activities in Bordeaux

Discover the top Bordeaux family activities



Whatever you choose to do on your family holiday, you are sure to find a huge range of activities across Bordeaux. There is something for everyone, every ability and every age. Check out the selection of things to do below for some holiday inspiration!

The City of Bordeaux, in particular, has a whole host of things for young people to enjoy, from great green spaces of the Parc Bordelais and Jardin Publique, to the riverside sporting facilities of the Miroir d'Eau and nearby skatepark.

Beach Activities

With some stunning beaches along the coastline you will not be at a loss for places to go and things do by the shore in Bordeaux. From beach clubs to watersports, sailing and boat trips, to just sunbathing and enjoying the scenery there is something for everyone. But remember that much of the coastline of the Bordeaux region is on the Atlantic Ocean so currents and undertows can be strong!

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Beaches in Bordeaux

Canoeing / Kayaking

Kayaking is a fun watersport that can be enjoyed as a team or on your own. Unlike canoeing, paddlers face forward and have a double bladed paddle. It is a versatile sport that you can enjoy on rivers, lakes and the sea. You can take your inflatable or plastic kayak and make your way down the water. Using the double bladed paddle you can control the speed, direction and enjoy the experience and wonderful views in your own time. There are some watersports centres and adventure companies who can take you out for your kayaking experience.

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Depending on the age of your child there are a number of childcare options available in Bordeaux. There are also numerous babysitting and nursery facilities available in the area - have a look at our childcare listings page for more information or you can contact the local Tourist Offices for a list of available babysitters.

You may find that the main sports centre of each town host a kidsclub during the summer holidays, normally from 1st July to 30th August, with activities such as swimming, climbing, tennis, horse riding etc. and organised hikes & picnics.

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Catch the latest films and releases in Bordeaux on your holiday. Look out for VOST for English speaking films. 

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Culture & guided tours in Bordeaux

Explore the best that Bordeaux's has to offer with an expert local guide. From natural tracks to traditional buildings and crafts, food and drink... there's lots to be discovered in Bordeaux.

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Sights in Bordeaux

Cycling & mountain biking in Bordeaux

Enjoy a number of cycling trails and routes in Bordeaux and what better way to explore Bordeaux than on a bike when you can enjoy the beautiful scenery. Have a look at our cycling guide for more information and explore the cycling routes that are in the area. If you are in Bordeaux without your biking gear there are a number of cycle hire shops in who rent and sell bikes, gear and more.

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Cycling in Bordeaux

Diving & Snorkelling

Dive into the beautiful waters & discover the world below, scuba diving is a fantastic way to explore the water, wildlife and what lies below. 

If you are a beginner to scuba diving there are a number of diving schools in Bordeaux that can teach you the ropes and get you started. For those more experienced there are plenty of excursions in Bordeaux where you can dive into the beautiful blue waters and explore the depths below.

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There are over 2.5 million people doing geocaching around the world and some of them (perhaps surprisingly) are right here in Bordeaux! It’s a relatively new craze that started taking the world by storm in May 2000 after a computer geek decided that GPS could be “really exciting”. He hid some treasure at his home in Portland, America, for people to find, broadcast the GPS coordinates and said, “Come and get it”. His only rule: “Take some stuff, leave some stuff”. And that’s exactly what Geocaching is…you go in search of treasure by using the GPS system on your mobile device – once you’ve found it, you write your name in a logbook and replace the treasure you decide to take. It’s pretty simple really and means, as a family, you can be adventurers together. You won’t usually find anything quite as precious as gold, silver and diamonds but nevertheless it’s quite exciting!

Horse riding in Bordeaux

Horse ride through the nature reserves, forests, vineyards and mountain top towns and the beautiful coastline of the Gironde is the perfect way to explore the area. Bordeaux and the surrounding area is an attractive destination for horse riding, trekking & lessons.

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Hot-air ballooning

Hot air ballooning is a truly unique and fun experience. You can experience views and scenery like never before. There are a few hot air balloon companies in Bordeaux who will offer you this enjoyable experience. 

The views are stunning, and as you glide over the land or sea below you may see wildlife and animals normally hidden from view. The pilot controls the height but the wind determines which direction you take, so the flight can take anything from one to two hours, depending on when a suitable landing site comes into view.

Hot air ballooning looks serene, but there are moments of excitement; once the creaking wicker basket rises and you are suspended in the air metres above the ground, with nothing but the wind and the pilot taking you through the blue sky, it can be quite thrilling. 

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Indoor activities in Bordeaux

There are bowling alleys in Bordeaux to keep you entertained on bad weather days, or if you're looking for something to do with a group.

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Mountain biking is a challenging and fun activity whether you are an experienced biker or new to the sport it has something to offer everyone. If you are new to mountain biking let a guide take you out for the day and show you the ropes. If you are experienced then seek out the best routes and explore the countryside on the rooty and rocky tracks.

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Mountain Biking in Bordeaux

Nature Reserves & Parks

Heading to a Nature Reserve you can explore all the beautiful wildlife and soak up all the beautiful scenery. Take a walk around the park, spot the unusual wildlife or even do a spot of birdwatching. There are a number of wonderful nature reserves in Bordeaux that you can explore.

Nature Parks in Bordeaux


Paddleboarding is a great way to explore the stunning coastline of Bordeaux. No previous experience is needed, just hop on the board and start paddling.

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Sailing & yachting in Bordeaux

With plenty of coastline to explore you would be silly not to hire a boat, charter a yacht or join one of the many boat trips up and down the Gironde coast & estuary to some of France's best beauty spots.

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Chartering Yachts in Bordeaux


If you'd like to take a dip outdoors or indoors, you'll be able to find somewhere to go for a swim in Bordeaux. Most hotels have their own swimming facilities, however there are also municipal swimming baths that you can visit. In summer and winter, you should be able to find somewhere to take a dip, so don't forget your towel and your swimming costume or shorts. 

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Tennis & racket sports in Bordeaux

With its warm climate and dry months, tennis is very popular across the region. Significant investment in the sport means that there many tennis clubs and courts available for the enthusiast or the amateur. The courts are generally clay or hard courts, and you can book courts as a non-member at most of the clubs.

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Theme parks, waterparks & aquariums in Bordeaux

Try an adventure playground or a theme park for a day of family fun. There are a number of adventure playground and theme parks, where both adults and children can play for hours.

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Tree-top / Forest adventures

Swing through the trees high above the forest floor on a circuit of zip lines, monkey bridges, ladders and ropes. You can travel through the forest without touching the floor, safely strapped into a harness and attached to a secure safety line. These eco-friendly adventure parks are created around the trees without damaging them in any way and can be dismantled if necessary, leaving the forest as though untouched.

Tree-top adventures can be fun for both adults and kids and with most courses having a few options of varying difficulty anyone can participate in the tree swinging fun.

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Walking, hiking & running in Bordeaux

Hikes in the Bordeaux region can generally be split into two categories: coastal and hilly. The coastal routes are all very accessible and mostly very easy and well trail marked, more like strolls than hikes, but still worth doing for the unbeatable views of the coastline and access to fabulous beaches along the way. The hilly trails take you through the many hill top villages and banked vineyards of the region and are a great way to explore the terrain inland and the many medieval villages and vineyards that are dotted around the countryside.

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Walking Routes in Bordeaux

Watersports in Bordeaux

Bordeaux is perfect for water sports with its warm summers and interesting coastline. There are plenty of watersports centres where you can learn to sail or enjoy thrilling rides in speedboats, and everything in between. Surfing is particularly popular in the area and there are many surf school dotted along the coast. Other activities you might want to try also use the wind, for example kite surfing.

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Watersports To Do in Bordeaux